Temperature Transmitter by Enless wireless

Many sectors (building - smart building, industry, agriculture, etc.) integrate temperature monitoring activities into their processes.

Enless Wireless offers this reference so-called “hardened” transmitter (IP65) with integrated temperature sensor which allows temperature monitoring (° C data) for various monitoring applications in “outdoor” environments. », Outdoors and / or in areas subject to extreme conditions.

The robustness of our transmitter - IP 65 case - and its high environmental tolerance (-20 ° C / + 55 ° C) allow it to withstand all types of environment.

Its built-in, high-precision temperature sensor enables reliable and exact ° C type data to be transmitted to the Sigfox Cloud at flexible intervals, configured in advance. The losses and exceedances of high and low temperature thresholds are thus identified and allow the conduct of corrective actions (implementation of maintenance on faulty heating devices, management of openings, air circulation, etc.).

This “High Power” reference incorporates D-type high-performance batteries and thus gives the Enless transmitter a very high autonomy of up to 15 years.

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