Energy Management System

Your fluid tracking solution

Energy efficiency of buildings has become a key issue for companies. Knowing how to manage energy consumption efficiently and sustainably allows you to make considerable savings. Indeed, the use of energy is essential for operating a building. It is also a significant cost factor into your budget.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows you to follow in real time any type of smart meter, to capitalize data over several years and to establish real and theoretical consumption graph.

Your energy consumption for heating is compared to the UDD (Unified Degree Days) and rationalized in Mwh/UDD to identify the quality of your consumption.

By knowing the precise position of your building’s consumption in your environment, you have the opportunity to readjust your consumption and to enjoy economies of scale.

With ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM you automate data feedback through a connection to energy suppliers and through connected meters. IoT will allow you to optimize the processes, to control your consumptions and to get more proactivity.

This software solution will be your best friend regarding the tertiary decree. Came into effect it makes mandatory to carry out actions to reduce final energy consumption in tertiary buildings.



Improve energy consumption

Main features

Management System

  • Inventory
  • Contact
  • Memory
  • Activity schedule
  • Building identity sheet

Management System

  • Reporting
  • Energy manager
  • Suppliers connectors
  • Connected meters
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Management System

  • Benchmark
  • Query
  • Alert notification
  • IoT
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