Workplace Management System

Your CAFM solution

How would you feel about optimizing your time and resources with a software solution tailored to your needs?

WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software solution is specially designed for you to provide the best tools for Building, People, and environmental services. It optimizes your business process as well as your budget efficiency.

WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a digital solution for Workplace and Facility Management.

Designed full web and completely secured WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is also defined as Software as a Service (SaaS:). It offers a full mobility thought an online connection on a well-designed and ergonomic platform.

All functionalities can be used by the manager and by all the people allow to use the software as internal and external users.

Designed to operate in multi-sites and translated into multiple languages WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software solution is accessible from anywhere and at any time!

According to a CBRE study, 75% of companies consider DATA CONTROL to be a key element
in achieving their strategic real estate objectives.

Why using Workplace Management System ?

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Save time by automating your processes.
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Data stored in a dedicated server in France.
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Asset Optimization

Achieve economies of scale by digitizing your processes.
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Enhance the value of your assets and your function by offering a quality service.
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Knowledge Sharing

“The winners will be those who restructure the way information flows in their company.” Bill Gates
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Asset Optimization

Effectively manage your workplace and enhance the value of your assets.
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Be mobile and access your data anytime and from anywhere.

According to the "FM Trends Report 2015", support in terms of management reporting is the main motivation
for the use of Facility Management software.



Average annualized workstation cost


Annual Workplace cost


Employees are mobile

Main features

Management System

  • Inventory
  • Contact
  • Memory
  • Activity schedule
  • Building identity sheet
  • Reporting
  • Automated price review
  • Workflow

Management System

  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk
  • Quality Control
  • Technical & services assistance
  • Bon’Appétit
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Management System

  • Meeting & Reservation
  • Welcome & Security
  • Post Office
  • Fleet Management
  • Query
  • Benchmark
  • IoT
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