Ambiance Transmitter by Enless wireless

Specifically designed for indoor applications the Sigfox temperature and humidity transmitter from Enless Wireless allows you to monitor the temperature level and humidity of a room in order to improve the comfort of occupants of a building and to achieve energy savings by monitoring HVAC systems - Heating Ventilation Air conditioning in place. Its on-board temperature and humidity sensors transmit their data (° C -% rH) to the Sigfox cloud .

Our Sigfox room temperature and humidity sensor is suitable for many applications and sectors:

Discreet, our Sigfox sensor can be fixed to a wall but also positioned on a surface. The transmission periodicity is flexible.

Other IoTs

SimpleLeak by SimpleHW

SimpleLeak is a water leak, frost and overheating sensor, based on Sigfox.

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Temperature Transmitter by Enless wireless

Many sectors (building, industry, agriculture, etc.) integrate temperature monitoring activities into their processes.

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Beacon emit a Bluetooth radio signal.

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