Maintenance Management System

Your CMMS solution

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is designed to make easier the management and the maintenance monitoring.

By choosing this software solution you access to many features that simplify the maintenance of your buildings and equipment.

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows you to identify your equipment, to plan and to carry out your maintenance schedules including the contracts management and deliverables monitoring.

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows you also to manage requests, to rigorously follow the regulatory controls and to manage your projects.

By using our dedicated mobile application, operators are now able to carry out maintenance, to organize their interventions and their inspection tour according to the state of health of the buildings and equipment.

In fact, thanks to the use of IoT the preventive maintenance is combined with the corrective one. Indeed, risks and breakdowns are anticipated before they occur.



Improve facility usage efficiency


Reduce facility maintenance costs


Reduce entreprise asset lifecycle costs

EASY FOR YOU is our mobile application which is fully compatible with MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software solution. Both combined you’ll easely succed on identifing and reporting anomalies.

This is THE solution which offers a complete freedom of movement while managing your service requests and energy meter readings (Discover now ENERGY Management System).

Carry out your technical tour and enjoy our automatic reporting generation including the date of the day and the geolocation of the device. Inspections may be carried out by technicians, security guards, housekeepers, and all other people in charge of that task.

Control your equipment maintenance operations and read your meters on your different sites thanks to EASY FOR YOU.

Main features

Management System

  • Inventory
  • Contact
  • Memory
  • Building identity sheet
  • Activity schedule
  • Reporting

Management System

  • Building Care
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk
  • Inspection
  • Conformity Management
  • Technical & Services Assistance
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Management System

  • Benchmark
  • Query
  • Automated price review
  • Workflow
  • IoT
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