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I have always wanted to be as fair as possible with my daughters. I think I got it from my mother.
I called my company CAMILEIA because of my daughters. Cami stands for Camille, the first one, and Leia is the other one (yes, just like Princess Leia from Star Wars... I am a huge fan!).

I wanted to show them that one is just as important to me as the other, and that their differences strengthen their ties and their synergies.

I am aware that CAMILEIA is not always easy to pronounce and that it is rarely understood, but its meaning is also its strength.

I would like to share a story, which I often tell my daughters when they are fighting. One day, when I was trying to teach my daughters the notion of fairness, they started arguing.
One believed that the best human quality was “know-how”, while the other believed that it was “caring". To try to resolve the misunderstanding, I suggested that they play a game. The objective was to find as many arguments as possible praising the choice of the other one. At the end, neither of them could decide which of the qualities was better.

I explained to them that there is no point in sticking to one's position, but that one would gain more insight by stepping back and analyzing the situation as a whole. Today, I am very happy to see that they have integrated this vision of the world in their relationships and successes. “Courage and wisdom” is what inspires me every day. First, courage, because I believe that one must show courage to admit that we need support and wisdom as each decision must be made for the right reasons.

cadre-phrase I am convinced that today's young people are our future.

Their vision of the world is different from mine, and that's what I like about it. I want to be surprised and discover new ways. It is never too late to learn; quite the contrary! They are in the best position to anticipate the future and write tomorrow's history; that is why I encourage them to think outside the box. I have worked hard to surround myself with a young, sharp, evolving, and complimentary team. Our leitmotiv? “Unity builds strength; and together, we build our future.”
Simply put, « The future is back » .

Krim Bechina

Executive Chairman & Founder