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In a world where digital evolution is complex and non-ending, we launched the start-up CAMILEIA with the aim of optimizing the management of your property portfolio.

CAMILEIA's solutions stem from two major skills: audit and consulting in real estate management, and software publishing.

This double strength bestows upon us the skills and legitimacy to offer innovating solutions : SEJI®, MILAE®, UTSY® & EASY FOR YOU® : four interoperable solutions recognized by professionals in the industry.

SEJI®, MILAE®, UTSY® & EASY FOR YOU® are your daily applications for facilities and service management.

These solutions are based on a real estate dedicated online system, which integrates decisional reporting and document management. Each solution offers identification, management, analysis and constant forecasting features for your activities and in the facilities (audit, BMS, facility/property management).

These solutions are the result of more than twenty years of experience and expertise in the fields of facility management and innovation.

They have been operational for over five years and all our clients appreciate their ease of use, stability and interoperability.

Les-solutions Solution SEJI® Solution MILAE® Solution UTSY®

SEJI®, MILAE®, UTSY® & EASY FOR YOU® solutions are developed in WEB 3.0, which gives access to a dynamic, connected (IoT), and secure application usable on any fixed or mobile terminal.

Rely on the digital performance of our solutions with:

  •   Accurate identification of your facilities
  •   Collaborative sharing of your data
  •   Secure and ubiquitous connection
  •   Effective knowledge management
  •   Detailed operational follow-up
  •   Structured compounding of your data
  •   Clear and transparent reporting
  •   Modern solution without initial investment
  •   Organizational performance
  •   Multilingual software
  •   Secure database for each client


  •   A dedicated dynamic team
  •   Development of specialized software by facilities management professionals

Thanks to our clients, we have developed specialized module packages to meet their specific needs.

The future is back