Inspired by our own experiences et know-how, innovation is now part of our DNA.

The digital revolution for buildings is underway and will soon lead our daily activities.

It is not advisable to have anyone dictate and impose a way to do things. Our ambition is to break down standardization barriers and to adapt to the specific needs of our business.

Digital is then at the service of the business, and not the other way around. This revolution cannot be imposed; it ought to be wanted, accepted, and organized safely.

Looking to the future!

The Digital Revolution is underway and more and more players on the market are deciding to adopt digital facility management solutions. The adoption of IWMS models will allow you to fully integrate your real estate management into your organization’s ERP. Reduce your costs, manage your time, improve the comfort of your occupants and much more. Enhance the value of your assets and implement ambitious optimization policies.

To do so, CAMILEIA proposes to accompany you in your digital transformation. We commit ourselves to guide you in this transition, and in the implementation of an IWMS solution that best meets your needs. Get involved in this new era of Facility Management with the most modern tools for your success!

Don't work in a rush!
Re-learn to anticipate your needs to finally better define the future.

Every day, we ask ourselves how to use digital technologies to streamline complex tasks. Our team is here to listen to you and to help you develop a customized digital process. We advise, guide and encourage you in this process, which has become necessary to optimize your performance and your competitiveness.

CAMILEIA® is at the cutting edge of new technologies, the publishing of new software and mobile applications, as well as automated monitoring, all at the service of human beings.

Our added value resides in our ability to translate complexity into a simple, reliable and proactive application.

Be the master of your future in the revolutionary era!

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